Plumbing Business Loans

Plumbing Business Loans: Why Your Plumbing Business Needs Business Loans

It may sound obvious, but businesses need money to grow. And as your business grows and expands through your marketing efforts, you may encounter the need for some financial resources to continue that growth. There are a number of reasons a plumbing business seeks working capital, so no matter your reasons, there is a loan out there to help you.

There are a number of reasons a plumbing business seeks working capital, so no matter your reasons, there is a loan out there to help you.

Why you are seeking a plumbing business loan

There are many needs a business owner has, especially in the plumbing industry where you need both office and field equipment, training and permits or licenses. To stay in compliance, and in business, you need to spend a little extra money sometimes. Here are some common reasons you may be seeking a business loan for your plumbing company:

Equipment: Some equipment plumbing businesses need can be expensive, like the saws, drills and cords you need in the field and the computer and office equipment you need to get the work done. You also need buckets, pipes, fittings and more to actually complete the work at each jobsite. It adds up quickly, so loans are sometime the best option when upgrading and purchasing new equipment.

Insurance: You need to have liability insurance and if you have employees, you’ll need workers compensation insurance in most states as well. It’s not a one-time fee either – paying the premiums on your insurance policies is necessary to keep them up to date.

Marketing efforts: Creating a website, putting ads in the local paper, hiring an expert to assist with marketing. There is a lot that goes into marketing your business to get new customers. Even if you do the marketing yourself, you need to dedicate the time and money into creating campaigns that draw in clients so you can get additional work.

Fleet: Whether its upkeep on your current fleet of work vehicles or purchasing new trucks to add to the mix, operating a business where you make “house calls” can cost a lot.

Understand plumbing business loan options

There are many types of loans available to business owners just like you. That’s why it’s so important to find the loan that meets your needs, including amount needed, purpose of the loan, repayment terms and all the other little details. So many loans are out there, and they vary in requirements to get a loan, timeline to access funds, and flexibility of repayment options. Here are a few choices you have:

  • Bank loans are often what people think of first when they consider a business loan. Most banks offer business loans, but the requirements and guidelines vary so they can be hard to access depending on your personal and business needs.
  • SBA loans, while not granted by the government, are backed by the Small Business Administration with guidelines for lenders follow to allow more business owners access to quality loans. There are many SBA loans available through a variety of lenders, like banks and loan companies.
  • Alternative lenders are often easier and quicker to access, because of their requirements and application process. They may not require collateral, and often the application is online, giving you a smoother process that requires less time without meetings or driving to the bank. You may also be able to access the money in as little as a day!

Securing funding through Fast Track Lenders, LLC

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